ARNO is a Projects Unlimited’s homegrown brand for office and commercial furniture. A trusted brand by designers and end users alike, ARNO furniture provides long-lasting comfort in your working space. We ensure that our products are durable, sleek, and elegant. With several designs and features to choose from

Table Concepts

The work desk is what you interact with every day at the office. ARNO makes sure that this daily experience is not only easy, but pleasing and inspiring!

Check out some possible work desk concepts that you can apply for your staff or your own executive tables

Office Accessories

ARNO Office Furniture can have your workspace customized to you and your staff’s needs, through various office accessories, ensuring a comfortable and efficient work flow. Our available office system accessories include:

  • Wire management and Cable Boxes
  • Desk Partitioning and Screens
  • Specialized Storage and Organizers
  • Adjustable Table Legs

Office Chairs

Today, office seating is not enough if its only comfortable, it must be durable and elegant as well. Check out our on-hand stock today

ARNO has more options for large projects and high quantity orders in our catalogs below

Storage and Others

Every office requires storage space to house documents, files, and personal items. Although the purpose of office storage is purely utilitarian it does not mean that they cannot be aesthetically pleasing as well. ARNO Office Furniture has a variety of steel and laminated storage options to choose from.

This catalog also include other commercial and industrial furniture such as clinic beds, lounging sets, and industrial storage.

The possibilities are unlimited

Whatever concept or aesthetic you are planning for, we can build and help design with you. Get in touch now to schedule measurement and layouting for free!