why us?


We at Projects Unlimited are dedicated to achieving the highest standards of service for our clients by providing not only the best quality interior products, but also providing the highest level of support at the most reasonable prices.

Projects Unlimited Philippines Inc., is a leading provider of interior products, and a preferred supplier for many architects, interior designers, contractors and homeowners. Projects Unlimited has been offering graceful and practical interiors for our longstanding clients and has also created long lasting impact on the field of architecture and interior design due to its introduction of several timeless        interior products into the market after being in the industry since 1958.


To improve the quality of life of the Filipino in the home and at the workplace by providing quality products and services at a cost that doesn’t go beyond the limits and to provide continuing employment to the members of its corporate family. 


Projects Unlimited looks ahead to a still brighter future. It will maintain its general product structure but is constantly on the look out to introduce new trends in interior decors to the Philippine market.




designing and planning

Getting started on your space is sometimes the hardest part as all the different choices can become overwhelming. Fortunately our highly talented and friendly staff can support and guide you at every step of the way. From choosing colors and designs, to creating a layout and render of your space, we want our project with you to be exactly how you imagine it to be.

custom orders

As a local manufacturer many of our products can be customized to the requirements of our clients. These may include the dimensions, colors, textures, and materials used in the item. We take pride in having a large variety of choices for our clients to choose from for any type of project.

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Installation and project management

Projects Unlimited has been in business for over half a century already. In this time we made huge leaps in fully integrated our core business units from manufacturing up until installation. Not only can we customize your interior decors to your requirements, but we can manage your project with us through our in-house installation and project management teams.

after-sales support

A common pain that we hear from our new clients is that their past suppliers are unreliable after a transaction is made. At Projects Unlimited, we understand that projects come with several obstacles, changes, and added requirements. Thus, we feature a robust after-sales service that goes beyond service warranties. We are committed to providing you not only with a high quality product, but also a premium experience — all for an affordable price.


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